Truck Covers USA is excited to announce it has partnered with Bullet Liner to bring you the American Bullet Box – the “Bullet Box” provides you the Truck Covers USA American Work Cover – unique toolbox and roll cover combination – with the protection of the trusted Bullet Liner product to protect the toolbox inside and out.  Available through the entire network of Bullet Liner dealers – Get yours today!


Key Features & Benefits:

Heavy-Duty Galvanized Sheet Metal Toolbox
Bullet Liner Coated Inside and Out
Available in both the Full Size and Junior version
Stylish Design & Superior Construction
2 Products in 1 – Multifunctional with Unmatched Security
Space Saving Design
Safe & Secure Storage for Tools & Equipment
OEM grade locking mechanisms
Gas Shock opening
Enhances the look of any Work Truck with Convenience and Ease of Use


Bullet Liner – The Ultimate Protective Coating!

Bullet Liner’s top tier product, Bullet Liner MAGNUM, includes a UV stable topcoat that is guaranteed not to fade or lose its shine for as long as you own your vehicle.
Bullet Liner protects from stains from many harsh chemicals, rust and other corrosive damage and it prevents most dings and mitigates dents.