We are an innovative, focused and highly motivated organization. Each product we sell and the satisfaction of each and every customer with that product is important to us. We are committed to providing quality products with efficient and friendly service.

To meet the challenge of providing a solution, and developing an infrastructure that will manage any other problems that might arise, is a feat that few have achieved. At Truck Covers USA, our challenge is more than this. Our challenge is to consistently and effectively provide solutions for business.

We are dedicated to maintaining the high standards and quality of our products, training our staff to remain educated on all levels of company activities, and to continuing our research and development so that we will always offer superior products at competitive prices


Truck Covers USA is dedicated to building superior truck covers using tomorrow’s technology and innovation while competing at today’s prices. We insist on a highly trained staff, cutting edge design, state of the art materials and undivided attention to the smallest details. Our success is measured by customer satisfaction, and our decisions are driven by both consumer feedback and our passion for excellence.


Truck Covers USA strives to revolutionize by blazing a new trail in product usage, design, development, thinking, and application of business solutions.
We believe that the ability to change those things with which we have become so comfortable, is one of the hardest challenges of all.

“We strive, we seek, and we do not yield.”

It is much easier to simply accept situations as they are and not look for new and better ways of doing things.

Acceptance however, does not allow for brilliance, cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and solutions, all of which are what sets Truck Covers USA apart from the competition.


By becoming a results-driven organization, Truck Covers USA is at the forefront of product development through the utilization of specifically researched and tested materials.

These quality products and an exceptional research and development department, allow us to provide our market with the individual solutions they require.

With innovation as a basis for success, Truck Covers USA strives to develop new products for new markets, and is only satisfied when their full potential has been realized.

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