The ARC slides along rails mounted to the sides of the truck bed into a canister at the front of the truck bed. The ARC rolls up into a small canister which measures “8 X 8”, smallest in the industry which takes up the minimum amount of space, maximizing bed usage.

The ARC is made of double section aluminum – the only Roll Cover in the industry which uses double section aluminum and therefore makes it the toughest roll cover on the market. The aluminum is powder coated with a textured finish making it more scratch resistant and gives it a high quality finish to match the rest of our cover.

No retractable cover on the market is 100% waterproof; however, the ARC when properly fitted is extremely water resistant. After heavy rain a small amount of water may seep through into the truck bed. As part of the installation, four drain hoses are fitted to channel water away from the cover and are very effective but we cannot guarantee that the ARC is completely waterproof. Water may intrude into the bed via components that are not part of the American Roll Cover such as the tailgate, stake pockets, etc.

The ARC locks into its own side rails so you can open and close your tailgate without having to open the cover each time. If you do not have a tailgate lock there are various aftermarket locks available which are inexpensive. We have a superior quality lock which locks every 12 inches. The lock is protected from all weather conditions by an elegant lock guard which further protects the lock from freezing up in the winter months. Always relieve the tension on your cover lock before opening by pulling the cover toward you slightly against the tailgate before turning the key. The ARC locks automatically so once your cover is unlocked and opened, you don’t need the key. You never need the key if you choose the Keyless Entry (Quick Release) option with your ARC unit. This is not a remote or key fob but a quick release pull handle that enables you easy access to unlock your cover by dropping your tailgate and pulling on the handle of it. Lock will lock automatically as well once opened using this option as well.

Your gas mileage should improve between 7% and 10% on the highway, with the cover closed on the bed (except when towing).

The rails on our cover are designed to fasten directly onto the truck bed rail. If you have a plastic drop in bed liner there are certain minor changes that will have to be made in order for you to get a custom fit with our cover. Under-the-rail bed liners will need less modifications than the over the rail plastic liner. Spray-on bed liners, whether over or under the rail, do not affect the installation of our cover. Please call our Technical Support Reps for information regarding fitting details with your bed liner if you have any further questions.

Yes, there is a two (2) year warranty – we are that confident in our product.

Yes, but you must make sure that the retraction pull strap is securely anchored to prevent it flapping around and causing damage to your truck.

In the closed position, the cover can support a load of up to 500lbs evenly distributed.

Remember, care and maintenance of your American Roll Cover is simple – just wash with mild soap & water – never use any waxes or polishes of any kind. It will keep its durable powder coat shine for years to come. Always relieve the tension on your cover lock before opening by pulling the cover toward you slightly against the tailgate before turning the key. Never use any grease or lubricants not recommended by Truck Covers USA on any component of your Roll Cover. Call us anytime you have a question.

Every once in a while, if you find the cover is rolling slowly or not with as much ease as before, take some aerosol silicone spray and spray it directly into and along each side rail. This should free up movement dramatically.

If you want to bring back the shine or gloss to your powder coat, take some WD-40 and 2 clean dry cloths. Spray some WD-40 directly onto one of the cloths. Wipe the cover, side rails and canister lid down completely. Take the other clean dry cloth and wipe the cover, side rails and canister lid again to remove as much of the WD-40 as possible. You will be amazed at what this product is capable of doing. It also doesn’t build reside like waxes or polishes. This is why we recommend this product only.

If you experience any trouble with the operation of your American Roll Cover, contact the nearest service center (your installing dealer) or our call center at 888-808-2872 or direct dial at 858-622-9135, Monday through Friday from 7am-4pm PST. After hours or weekend calls can be made to 858-342-9173.

All of our Toolboxes, Truck Racks and Rack Systems are available and can be retrofitted to an original American Roll Cover unit. You have the most options of any manufacturer in building your ideal truck For Work or For Play with Truck Covers USA and our American Roll Cover product.